Our link to conservation

Research techniques and assisted reproductive technologies are becoming more powerful and sophisticated year on year. Such technologies enable deeper understanding of the biology of animals and the potential to preserve the world around us. Maintaining a comprehensive collection of frozen living cells ensures that genetic material from endangered species can be preserved for future generations.

The AFZ has links throughout Australia and has the expertise, facilities and resources available to assist national and international conservation programs.

The AFZ incorporates a number of key activities to assist wildlife conservation. These include:

  • Maintenance of a frozen reserve of reproductive cells and tissues from native and exotic animals available for research and breeding programs
  • Help and advice on the recommended methods for collecting and transporting samples for storage in the AFZ
  • The processing, freezing and storage of samples
  • Scientific and technical assistance in the use of these samples in assisted reproduction procedures
  • Specialised consultation service by the professional and technical staff of the AFZ to help improve captive and wild breeding of the target species